Your Athletic Gear Spring Cleaning Checklist

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Gear

It’s that time of year, spring cleaning! I love a good spring cleanout, putting away my deep winter stuff and ski gear and prepping for warm weather. It makes me feel a little like new year’s is happening again, right around the time when I’ve typically forgotten many of my resolutions. So, I like this time to reset and refresh. Obviously, I’m a fan of any and all versions of spring cleaning that you choose to do, but here, I wanted to put out 5 ways that you may not have considered spring cleaning this season.

Deep clean your kits

Do a sniff test—or better yet, ask your partner to do a sniff test—of your athletic wear to see what has set-in smells and stains. Use stain remover if needed. Add white vinegar to the laundry, let it soak for an hour, then wash as usual, with a double rinse. Bleach white armwarmers and socks. Start outdoor cycling and running season smelling fresh! (You can also use this time to get rid of gear that you aren’t excited about wearing this summer. And put it all back nicely!)

DW doing the sniff test.

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Check your expiration dates

Of your sunscreen and your snacks. Sure, an expired gel is probably still safe to eat, but if you haven’t eaten it yet, are you really going to?

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Decant your powders

If you prefer an organized pantry or hate how much space your sport drink mix and protein powder take up, we really like decanting our powders into reusable super-strong silicone bags. This helps them store easier and take up less space, while also making them more travel-friendly and tidy. Plus they look much nicer and less bro-y than giant containers of protein powder, and don’t spill or leak like most of the bags that sports drink mixes come in, since they often have crappy zip tops.

Take this time to check expiration dates on everything as well!


Do a quick bike check

Whether your bike has been on the trainer all season or hanging in the garage, give all of your bikes a once-over. Things to look at:

  • Tire wear and tear, especially if you use a magnetic trainer or rollers
  • Tire pressure, obviously
  • Bolt check on headset and saddle
  • Saddle height / any fit adjustments, especially if you’ve changed something recently or your bike has been on the trainer
  • Lube the chain
  • Charge your shifters if you’re running electronic shifting
  • Wipe off that dust
  • Check your cleats to make sure they don’t need replacing

Audit your training plan

Your race schedule has likely already changed, and hopefully as many places start to re-open, your schedule is shifting as well. Maybe you’re back in the office, or work travel has ramped up. Whatever the case, it might be time to check in on what you have planned for training for the next couple of months, and make adjustments accordingly. (Not sure of what to do? Even if you don’t work with us, you can book a coaching consult call to talk over your current training plan!)

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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Gear



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