What Does It Take to Win RAAM? My Interview with Leah Goldstein

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Mindset

“With RAAM, it came down to the challenge. You really get to push yourself beyond your limits. And it’s not only the physical aspect: RAAM is 60 percent mental. If you don’t have it upstairs, then I question whether you’ll make it to the finish.” -Leah Goldstein

Former kickboxing world champ/secret police turned pro cyclist Leah Goldstein is my hero. At 52 years old, she just won Race Across American outright, not just as the fastest woman to do it solo (she’s done that twice already) but to beat all the guys as well. I got to interview her for Bicycling and you can read the whole thing right here:

The reason I’m sharing this here isn’t just that Leah is a total badass (she is). It’s because she was so open in sharing exactly what went into training and prepping for an event like this, and I think it’s so valuable to see what goes on behind the scenes for these huge goals. It’s not all race day and finish line celebrations—there are thousands and thousands of hours spent training and prepping for something like this. It’s a great reminder that behind every amazing performance is equally amazing preparation.


Feature photo: Jen Magnuson Photography for RAAM Media

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