Velocio Luxe Cycling Bra: Long Term Review

by | Sep 3, 2022 | Gear

Recently, we were asked about bras for cycling, and I instantly recommended the Velocio Luxe Cycling Bra. Not because it’s a bra made by a cycling clothing company, but because it’s actually answering some of the problems that a lot of cycling-specific bras tend to overlook. The options available, especially if you also look at regular sports bras, are overwhelming and expensive to take a gamble on trying out. I’ve been using the Luxe bra for over a year though, and really like it.

Specifically, we were asked for a bra recommendation that would offer the desired amount of support (the feel of compression without being too tight), comfortable elastic around rib cage, under arms & shoulders. Preferably made of light fabric, not like wearing a bulletproof vest, and preferably no cups.

Honestly, this describes the Luxe perfectly.

It’s super lightweight—made with the same compression fabric that’s in the LUXE bib short, which you know I love—it wicks sweat but also dries super fast. It’s more matte than shiny, so it looks a little different than your average sports bra. And I really, really love that it’s one layer: No double layers and weird removable pads here! There are tiny cutouts in the center for more breathability, but also, frankly, they add an aesthetic element that I really like. I also love the bottom elastic, which is more like the leg gripper (sans rubber) than a more beefy elastic, which is ideal if you also have a heart rate strap on—I tend to prefer long line bras so that the bands don’t sit at the same spot, but that doesn’t make a big difference in this bra thanks to the lack of a really beefy strap. Velocio also made this as minimal in terms of seams as they could, so no weird rubbing or chafing.

The straps are wide and tank top style—no racerback here. While that doesn’t make a big different to fit, it does make it easier to take on and off. As someone who trains a lot and finishes a lot of workouts feeling totally spent, it is nice to have a sports bra that doesn’t take a lot of maneuvering to shimmy out of!

Could you run in it? I do. But I’m less well-endowed than most, so I don’t need a ton of compression on the run. I’d say it’s medium in terms of compression: More than a bralette, but less than a robust compression-style sports bra. Perfect for any cyclist with any chest size, but maybe not for a triathlete.

I’ve been using this bra for over a year and it shows zero signs of wear and tear, despite being subjected to plenty of trips through the washer and dryer. It holds up: no seams starting to split or color fading.

It comes in a few colors, and obviously, I prefer the black, but do dig the deep sea, navy, deep cheery and green options.

At $69, it’s a spend, but they do offer free returns, so you can order and try, then return if it’s not perfect. Available in XXS-3XL, so there are a wide range of sizes to choose from. (I’m a small—definitely NOT an XS!)

Get it here:

Women's LUXE Bra


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