The Cozy Gift Guide for Tired Athletes

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Gear

Let’s be honest, this winter season just feels different. And honestly, at Consummate Athlete HQ, we’ve been prioritizing feely cozy because without much racing happening and the general feel of worldwide anxiety and depression, we need that feeling of comfort. If you have an athlete like this in your life, someone who you know could use a little bit of TLC/self-care/warmth in their lives instead of another cycling jersey or running hat, here are a few of our cozy picks that are still perfect for athletically-inclined individuals.

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Weighted Blanket

This is the year of the weighted blanket. When it comes to feeling cozy and less anxious about the world in general, nothing beats a heavy blanket that doesn’t leave you boiling hot after a couple of minutes. I’m a huge fan of a weighted blanket for bedtime, and a cozy afghan or throw blanket for the couch all day, everyday. As an athlete with feet that get cold and stay cold for hours after a ride or run, I need all the blankets in my life.

Get it here


North Face Booties

Have I put these on the gift guide in past years? Yes. Have I heard from a dozen people that these were the best purchase ever? Also yes. These are kind of the perfect gift for someone who already has pretty much everything and is really picky about their outdoors gear. You don’t want to try to get them, say, a cycling kit—but these booties are perfect for an active person who still wants to be cozy in slippers in the winter. I bought a pair of these after our last cold-weather hike and holy $hit they are a game-changer. I wore them after a race in October and I had 10 different people come up and ask where I got them.

(Also available in men’s)



Our Consummate Athlete Sweatshirt

Get cozy and support the podcast at the same time! This thing is super warm, really comfortable, and you can opt for the big-and-cozy version or size down for a hipster appeal.

Consummate Athlete Unisex Sweatshirt



Icebreaker Carrigan Sweater Pants

Merino wool sweatpants? Heck yeah. A little elevated compared to normal sweatpants, but just as comfortable. Great if you’re looking for a gift for someone who trains outside and comes back to a chilly house, or for skiers, cold-weather hikers or people who are often driving to and from rides and runs. Molly is obsessed with her pair–and they can run through the dryer without shrinking!

Get them here (They run a bit big compared to most cycling and running apparel, FYI)

icebreaker carrigan pants







Instant Pot

Cozy stews and soups made simple. We’ve been making ‘kitchen sink’ chicken soup on a weekly basis with our Instant Pot and if you have a lazy athlete you know who needs to up his or her cooking game, this tool is the most helpful thing you can buy. I would 110% buy this for a young person in their first apartment living on their own, especially if they tend to opt for takeout more often than not.

Get it here


Our favorite books to gift this year

Of course, a book list has to be included in a cozy gift guide, because you can’t beat curling up by the fire and indulging in a good read.

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