The Consummate Athlete Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Early Bird Edition!

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Gear

Trying to get a head start on holiday shopping? Understandable… and we’re here to help those of you who enjoy getting done with shopping ahead of Thanksgiving so you have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season, rather than get into a panic-buying frenzy on December 21st. So, what are we eyeing up this year?

This is My Rest Day Sweatshirt

For the rider or runner who either loves rest days and really leans into them, or for the rider or runner who struggles to take time off and needs that little reminder… We put this sweatshirt in our shop a couple months ago and people have been loving it. It’s cozy, comfy, and most of all, helps you remember to make the most of your rest day. Shop our online store for this and more mugs, sweatshirts and T-shirts

Glerup boots

If you’ve been reading our holiday lists for a while now, you know that cozy post-race, ride or run boots have always topped Molly’s list of great gifts to give the athlete in your life (or ask for yourself). This year, we’re still sticking with the boots, but going with a slightly more fashion-forward (and all-natural) version with Glerups. These have become my go-to shoes that live in the van for long travel days and just days spent living out of the van in slightly chilly conditions. They’re also great camp shoes to bring along on hiking trips, which was the original reason I searched out down booties in the first place three years ago! (For athletes, opt for the rubber soles, since the leather ones aren’t meant to be worn outside ever, but the rubber ones can handle a bit of outdoor use.)

Get them here


Topeak SmartGauge D2

We put this on the list every year, but that’s because if Peter could gift this to every cyclist he knows, he would. But if you’re a mountain biker or cyclocross racer, you really, really need a good smart gauge. This is an awesome stocking stuffer or an easy-to-ship gift option for the long-distance cyclist in your life.

Get it here

Shred Girls Books

For middle-grade + young adult athletes (or girls who you’re hoping to get excited about sport!), this three-book series is a fun way to introduce riding. And this year, we finally got book 2—Ali’s Rocky Ride—out in print! Book 3, Jen’s Bumpy Ride, is also available, and Lindsay’s Joyride has been released with a new cover. 


RLC Membership

Want to learn some new bike skills, from bunny hopping to remounts to yoga for cyclists? Trials legend Ryan Leech has brought technical MTB coaches together to create hundreds of tutorials that he’s constantly updating to teach riders of all levels how to boost skills.

Get a membership to give as a gift (or keep for yourself) right here.

Athletic Greens

We’ve talked about it on the podcast, but this is actually what I gifted my parents last year for Christmas. I like knowing that my vegetable-hating dad is getting a dose of greens, vitamins, minerals and probiotics in the morning before he heads to work, and both of them actually tolerate the taste! Obviously, this is a pricier gift (though you can get a one-off bag as a hint that someone should consider adding it to their routine), but I think it’s a great one for those of us trying to gently nudge people we love in a healthier direction. (Get it here)

Good’r Cycling Sunglasses

I put off getting Good’rs for a while, assuming that they simply wouldn’t be as good as the fancier ones I’ve enjoyed in the past. But when I scratched the crap out of my beloved Oakleys and was searching for a replacement, Good’r finally got me. And if you have a new cyclist in your life who needs some sunglasses—or your partner is always losing his or hers, or scratching them, and you’re looking for cheap but solid replacements, these are fun. (I also got the blue-light blockers from Good’r and really have been digging those!)

Get them here



Take Off Your Chamois Sandals

This gift that keeps on giving: The reminder to take your chamois OFF post-ride, for the person who always drives home from the race/trailhead in their gross, sweaty shorts. It’s hard to forget to get changed once you slip these sandals on! (Get them here and here for women’s sizes)

Bivo Water Bottles

We’re in love with these super cool stainless steel Bivo water bottles (that’s right, a cycling water bottle that’s a bidon but also stainless steel!). It’s a little different, but super useful, which makes it a great gift for a cyclist who already has everything. They’re a bit pricey for a cycling water bottle, but cheap for a stainless steel bottle! I’ve been using mine for a year and it’s still in great shape.



Run All the Miles, Eat All the Snacks Sweatshirt

Pretty self-explanatory. Best paired with a fun pack of favorite run snacks or tasty homemade treats. Get it here ($27)




Strava Mug

Still my top personalized gift—I LOVE this for someone who a) loves Strava and b) did some kind of awesome adventure or dabbled in some fabulous Strava art this year. I’d order these sooner rather than later, though, to allow plenty of time for the printing and shipping since I’m sure they get slammed during December.

Get it here ($14)


Turkish Towels

I love these towels even more since we got our big van and started doing more travel. They’re perfect for multitasking as a little blanket or a towel, and honestly, they just look nice. I use it on the bed as a nice throw blanket, or on the picnic table as a tablecloth. Also great as a changing towel / wipe off post-run or ride. It’s a combo of a super soft blanket but ultra-absorbent towel-like qualities, so it’s the perfect beach towel or spare blanket, which makes it the ultimate car-camping accessory / a brilliant thing to have in your car (or in your house if you have frequent guests but not a large linen closet).

Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 x 70, Black ($13)

Nuun Immunity Tablets

Another great stocking stuffer, we love nuun’s Immunity tablets for cold and flu season, since they add Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, and Echinacea to their already electrolyte-packed mixtures. They’re super tasty, and giving them as a holiday gift is the gift that keeps on giving, since chugging a glass of water with a nuun tablet before heading to bed after one too many glasses of eggnog can help you avoid a serious hangover. ($23/4 tubes)

Get it here


Athlete-Friendly Stocking Stuffer, 2022 Edition—Convenience Rules

Every year, I try to put together inexpensive ‘package’ gifts, ones that I can buy in bulk and put together into multiple presents for my ride/run crews. I’ve done Pedicure Kits for Runners (heavy on epsom salts) and Ride/Run Snack Packs that let me buy in bulk and split so everyone got a grab bag of gels, bars and drink mix.  I like being able to buy in bulk, and personalize slightly for each. This year, I’m thinking:

(Small) gift card to your favorite run/ride coffee stop, to be placed in…

A Sticky Credit Card Holder for Your Cell: I get asked all the time by women I run with WTF I have on my phone, and then, where they can get one. Slap one on the back of your phone, and boom! Instantly never forget your wallet again. I still use a wallet, but I keep a credit card with my phone, since that’s the thing that’s always with me. Also great for hotel keys so you never lock yourself out of a room; or for tossing a $20 in there if you’re heading out on a run and want to carry cash but don’t have an easy pocket to stash it in. (The pack of 10 is $8, so I give these as stocking stuffers to everyone that I know.) Sticky Credit Card Holder for Your Cell

To make it even cuter, I’d wrap each in a Cooling Towel instead of wrapping paper: These little ice towels are SO nice for post-run, yoga, or ride, whether indoor or outdoor. Great for a cyclist who spends a lot of time on the trainer or a runner who lives on the treadmill in the winter!  Get it here (and in Canada)

And I’d finish it—for people with long hair—with a nice hair tie to hold it altogether! Less packaging, more practicality. I like this pack of thicker, solid hair ties.



Note: This list contains some affiliate links and products we’ve received as gifts, but all thoughts and opinions are our own!


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