Do Strength to Improve Your Cycling

by | Sep 8, 2018 | Training, Video

You *should* do Strength in the Off-Season to Improve Your Cycling

Studies and practical experience from top athletes in the elite and masters ranks show us that that strength training can increase our on bike performance AND make us more resilient to injury. You need only look at athletes like Nino Shurter  and 2018 MTB World Champion Kate Courtney for elite examples of strength training and general athletism!

Studies such as the one explained in the above infographic from YLM Sport-infographic demonstrate that strength can boost your cycling/endurance performance.

Remember you are a person, not (likely) a Tour Pro (or NFL Pro…)

For Masters and those note going to the Tour de France there is a consideration about avoiding injury, longevity (being able to ride and function as a human in your later years). Muscle mass and bone health and being able to lift up heavy-ish things (Like kids) without straining a muscle is important to your health/happiness and if you are not hurt YOU CAN RIDE MORE AND BE A FAST CYCLIST.

But what should you do for strength to improve your cycling? 

Your first priority is to get used to strength. Getting in the gym and moving through a range of motion in the fundamental movements. Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull. Many of us are best served working on limiters in range of motion and to get used to moving well. This may take several months of work but you will see improvements each session, and if you stick with it for a few months you will notice you feel stronger, more stable on the bike and likely less stiff and tired throughout the day. The trick is what exactly should you do? How many reps? How many sets? How many exercises?

If you check out my ‘Anywhere Core Routine’ you can get started today! This free video gives you the basic motions and you can start at only a few reps and one set today and progress until you are feeling comfortable with that plan => see the free 20-minute anywhere core routine below

Or try this routine for more ideas:

If you want 12 weeks of Strength Training you can do at home or at the gym, with examples in downloadable PDF documents AND that you can put in your training peaks calendar, you can keep on your phone or print out. (available in PDF only if email / use contact form)


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