Stock Up on Cycling Basics + Favorites with Velocio’s Holiday Sale!

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Gear

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I (Molly) am a huge fan of Velocio for their ultra-comfy cycling kit that fits like a glove and lasts forever. Seriously, I was one of the first journalists to try their original bib shorts with a zip fly in the back 10 YEARS AGO and those shorts are still part of my regular rotation. I know that for some people, Velocio can be a bit spendy, though I’ll argue all day that a good pair bib shorts is worth 10 cheap pairs of uncomfortable ones. However, between their Foundation collection being incredibly reasonably priced (bib shorts for $129!) and a Black Friday 25% off sale running this week… If you haven’t gotten into Velocio in the past, now is the time to stock up!

Here, I’m listing the 5 pieces I would ABSOLUTELY recommend—and have bought for myself in the past!

Use promo code BFCM2022 to get 25% off!!

(The offer only applies to purchases made online through, which is where we’ve linked to here.)

NOTE: I’m talking about the women’s product line here but these all have identical men’s versions available and I would *highly* recommend those as well!

Women’s Luxe Bib Short

Lasts forever, and now has an elastic panel in the back rather than a zip so it easily pulls down for those mid-ride pee breaks. ($279 before discounts)

Women’s Concept Merino Jersey

I didn’t expect to love this, to be honest. But the merino short sleeve ended up being one of the most comfortable jerseys I’ve ever worn—it stretches SO nicely, which makes it extremely appealing to me. It also wicks sweat nicely and doesn’t get super smelly after a long ride, so I’d say it’s a great choice for a bikepacker who can only bring so much stuff along for the ride! ($199 before discount)

Women’s Foundation Bib Short

If you’re on a tight budget, drop the material quality slightly and opt for the slightly thinner chamois in the Foundation Bib Short, which still has the pull-down back. I’d personally opt for the Luxe if you can stretch to it, but honestly? I’d also be tempted to buy two or three pairs of these bibs to replace all of my other bib shorts! ($129 before discount)

Women’s Ultralight Long Sleeve 

(Pictured above along with the Luxe shorts.) I really like the simple long sleeve–nothing fancy about it, but it fits well, feels great and is the perfect long sleeve for almost year-round wear! ($159 before discount)

Women’s Recon Vest

I love, love, love this vest and wear it a ton for riding AND running (pictured above). It’s one of my all time favorite, especially since my phone can fit in the back pocket. It also just looks cute for regular life and walks/hikes, and love that it has two front zip pockets as well. ($249 before discount)

Women’s Merino 210 Long Sleeve

Also pictured above—and I wore this for my 100-mile RUN. This thing is my go-to shirt for when it’s freaking cold out and I need to ride or run. And it’s already marked way down, so it’s a freaking STEAL. ($89 before discount)

Women’s Luxe Bra

I love this one so much I recently gave it it’s own review, but if you’re trying to find a good bra for cycling, this is IT. ($69 before discount)

Women’s Trail Short

These are the stretchiest pair of trail shorts I’ve had, which I really, really appreciate as someone who hates having anything feel tight around the waist or feel like something is digging into my waist when I’m bent over to pedal. I don’t do a ton of really gnarly MTB, so I tend to just ride in regular tights and jerseys, but when we are doing a clinic or course, I always feel 110% comfortable in these. ($169 before discount)

velocio trail kit


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