How To Be Outside Speaker Series

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Lifestyle


Free How to Be Outside Virtual Summit Planned for 4/18 at 8PM, details here

Shoulder season in Ontario can be grim, so let’s liven it up with this series of talks that will serve as the unofficial kickoff to the winter season. Rather than retreating to our sofas for another night of Netflix, or heading to the basement for another treadmill sufferfest, let’s come together and talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: How to Be Outside.

A speaker series devoted to outdoor adventure, inspiration + motivation


We’ll hear about the wide range of ways that we can get more people outside—adventure doesn’t have one specific flavor!

There will be 10 amazing speakers giving short talks throughout the night, ranging from pro athletes to advocates to outdoors devotees who just want to get more people outside. Topics currently include how to start an outdoors movement, how to get more kids playing outside—without signing them up for youth sports, and how to step back from racing in order to start pushing your limits in new ways.

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There will also be time before the speakers start to chat with local outdoors groups and clubs and get involved—using your inspiration from the talks and taking action to make 2020 the best season of your life!

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If you’re interested in helping with the event, please email Molly: molly [at] Sponsorship information for the event is available.


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