Rode in the Rain? How to Keep Your Bike (and Body) From Hating You

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Gear

Rainy (or slushy) rides are a fact of life as a cyclist. Even in SoCal this month, we had brutal rain for a week that trashed my bike and caused Peter to almost cry when he saw how much sand I dragged in when I got back from a particularly wet spin. I should have taken more of my own advice before coming into the studio apartment, like spraying the sand off of my bike with my water bottle, if nothing else. I immediately walked in the house and into the shower, still wearing my full kit so I could get most of the mud off before I put it in the wash. Rainy rides are hell on components, and on our nether regions if we’re being totally transparent… But they don’t have to lead to a wrecked bottom bracket (and yes, I mean your actual bottom bracket but then also as a euphemism. I’ll see myself out.). Check out my rules for riding in the rain and not destroying your life:

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