Rinse Your Bike Anywhere With This Genius (Cheap) Hack

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Gear

I wrote about this a while back in Bicycling, but found myself sending it to a few people in the past week as I talked to some apartment dwellers bemoaning their bike-wash abilities. It’s tough to get a bike clean when you don’t have a hose hookup! So, over on Bicycling, I talk about the sub-$15 way to clean your bike off, whether you’re at the trailhead or post-cyclocross race and just need it clean enough to get it in the car without destroying your interior, or you live in a small condo (ahem!) with bikes in the living room and dripping mud isn’t an option. (There’s also a few general cleaning tips so even if you have a sprayer already, you might want to check and see if there are any smart steps you’re missing!)

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