Review: Velocio TRAIL Collection MTB Gear

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Gear

I’ve been trying out Velocio’s TRAIL collection recently, and I have to say, it’s good enough that it got me excited about riding mountain bikes again! (I haven’t gotten on the trail on bike this summer much, so shifting to it was a bit of a culture shock in the last couple weeks, but I realized I had actually been missing it!) Anyway, to be a total cliche, I got asked by a few people over on Instagram about how I liked the kit, so I  wanted to share a few quick thoughts on cut, feel and sizing.

Velocio Women’s Delta Long Sleeve

I normally only want to wear black kit, but this olive green is a rare exception. And this fabric? SO soft. I admit, this is the first time I’ve ever felt like I wasn’t just playing dress-up in MTB gear, because it all fit really nicely, felt super comfortable, and retained much more cycling-kit-style movement than most MTB gear does, if that makes sense. I didn’t feel like I was pretending to be a mountain biker, I felt like one. I also really appreciated the V-neck versus the usual crewneck, it just felt nice. I’ve been running in this a bunch too, and love it! (Size-wise, it will be fitted if you get your usual size, so if you prefer a bit more sag and space in your MTB gear, size up. In the photos here, I’m wearing a size Small, which is my usual size in Velocio, for some context.)

Women's Delta Long Sleeve (Past Season)


Velocio Women’s Trail Short

I don’t usually love trail shorts, I find it hard to add another layer to my kit that isn’t strictly necessary, and I find most trail shorts make me feel awkward and constricted. Not these. They’re super, super stretchy, but they don’t get saggy even after 2 days of wear. They cinch with a tug of a nylon belt, but can easily be loosened back up for when you’re just lounging around pre or post-ride. They are legitimately fitted in a way that I was totally fine wearing them with regular underwear and going for a hike, but they still performed awesome on the trail. (They only have two side zip pockets, but I really don’t like riding with stuff jammed in pockets anyway, so I wasn’t bummed about the lack of back or front pockets. But just FYI!)


velocio trail mesh bib liner

Velocio Trail Mesh Bib Liner

Is it strictly necessary? Probably not. But is it really nice to keep things light on hot days? Hell, yes. (I’ve said it before and I will say it again: People think Velocio is pricey, and sure, some of it is–but totally worth it and lasts FOREVER. But what most people don’t know is that their Foundation Bib Short is only $129! So if you’re a roadie as well as a MTBer and you’re on a budget, I’d opt for that versus the bib liner and just deal with a bit more sweat.)

Women's Mesh Bib Liner


Velocio Merino 160 SL Baselayer

The second day of riding in this kit, it was a bit cooler, so I swapped the mesh shorts for regular ones and added this baselayer under the regular long sleeve for a bit more torso warmth without ending up sweaty. And this baselayer is great because unlike a lot of cycling baselayers, it’s actually a bit thicker so you can wear it for runs on its own without feeling like you’re heading to an underground Euro nightclub…


Velocio Merino 210 Long Sleeve

For a much cooler day–think just above freezing–I’d swap in this long sleeve. (The deep turquoise color is SO GOOD in real life. Just saying.) It’s really cozy and I’ve already worn it on some hikes as well as trail rides–like the other long sleeve, it fits well on the bike but also serves as a regular top. Size-wise, it will be fitted if you get your usual size, so if you prefer a bit more sag and space in your MTB gear, size up. This is actually something I’ll be bringing with me on our next camping trip!


Velocio Recon Merino Beanie

OK, this is not strictly a trail pick, but I love a good beanie, especially one that’s merino wool so I know I can take it on long trips and not have to worry about it stretching out after its first wear. So, shout out to this beanie!

velocio trail kit


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