Quickie Review: Velocio CONCEPT Merino Wool Jersey

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Gear

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the Velocio CONCEPT Merino Wool Jersey. Yes, I LOVE merino wool. But I’ve had merino jerseys in the past that were great, but just didn’t feel particularly racy/serious cyclist-y. You know what I mean? So I was a little skeptical of this one. When I tried it on, though, I fell in love. It doesn’t look like a bulky merino wool “casual cycling” jersey. It looks like a serious business jersey.

In fact, you need to look pretty closely to even realize that it’s not a simple black lycra jersey. So, all the benefits of merino wool—tons of breathability, less stink—with none of the drawbacks. And the STRETCH. I love that it’s got great stretch in the jersey itself and in the pockets: I stuffed mine for one long ride, had space for all my snacks and gear, and when I took them out (ate them), the pockets didn’t get all saggy, like some jersey pockets that are uber-stretchy tend to do.

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Now, it’s also worth mentioning that I am unkind to cycling kit. This jersey has been washed in my regular laundry cycle and dried on high heat. I have had ZERO shrinking issues and it still looks good as new.

It’s also got UPF 30 protection (important) and a zipper pocket for keys or other valuables. Most important to me, my phone easily slides into the jersey pockets. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been noticing that a lot of brands are doing some weird stuff with jersey pockets and they are a bit too small for my iPhone, or the interior of the pockets have a weird rubbery material that makes dropping my phone into the pocket really difficult. This jersey does not have this issue.

It also made me feel like a badass when paired with Velocio’s Luxe Bib Shorts. I’ve talked about finding athletic clothing that makes you feel pro, and this is definitely in that category. I think it’s super important to have athletic apparel that not only fits well, but also makes you feel good.

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This is definitely my new staple piece in my cycling wardrobe, and I think it would be fantastic for a bikepacker who wants to stay a little less smelly on their ride! It’s not cheap—$199 USD—but I’ve put it through the wringer since I’ve had it and it is definitely going to be part of my wardrobe for years to come, so I don’t mind paying a premium. Like I’ve said before, I still have my original Velocio kit from 10 years ago, and it still looks almost new. So I am definitely not worried about the longevity of pieces from this brand!

Get it here:

$199 US / $251 CAD

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