Our Favorite Trek/Bontrager Gear is Still on Sale!

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Gear

It’s no secret Peter loves Trek and Bontrager gear! Here are 6 of his favorite, go-to gear items that are on sale ahead of the holidays (Nov 15 – Dec 31).

Bontrager Velocis Cycling Bib Short

This short and looks great and adds a compressive feeling. Holds up well to ridiculous amounts of wear and tear!

Get it here

Bontrager Flatline MTB Shoe

With more clients using flat pedals for some or all of their mountain biking, fat biking and other riding it is great that Bongtrager has this solid offering!  ( Read why we suggest using MTB clipless and MTB Flat shoes )

Get them here

Bontrager XXX MTB Clipless Shoes

These are fantastic shoes and they come in 3 great colors. Peter has used these for years and they are durable and comfortable!

Get them here

Bontrager XXX Wavecell Helmet

For going fast it is great to have a aerodynamic helmet. One that fits well and protects your head makes this helmet a ‘no-brainer’!

Get it here

Bontrager White Arm UV Sunstop Cycling Arm ‘Warmers’

Peter almost always rides and races in these. For limit sun exposure and reduce nicks from raspberry vines these are superb!

Get it here


Bontrager Air Charger Pump 

If you want to seat tubeless tires at home or on the road this pump makes it much easier. The ability to ‘charge’ up and release a lot of air quickly let’s you get difficult tubeless tires seated without struggle (or tears!)

Get it here



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