My Post-Race, Long Run or Hard Ride Staples

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Gear

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on post-ride and run comfort and quick turnaround to recovery and real life—especially since we’ve been camping and it can be really easy to end up sitting around in sweaty kit chatting about your ride or run rather than showering, eating, and changing into clothes that get the rest of your day going. I’ve also been experimenting with different post-run nutritional protocols since my usual lunch plans aren’t possible sans microwave. I think it’s been for the best, though, because I’ve realized I really do need more protein in my day-to-day… and that I value keeping my feet comfortable above pretty much all else! So, what am I using post-workout these days?

Take Off Your Chamois Sandals

I know, these are a little goofy. But a) they’re super comfortable, and b) they are a really, really good reminder as soon as you get done with a ride or run to get out of your kit and into the shower. We’ve been at a campsite for the last two weeks, and having these to put on and walk over to the shower—well, you can’t ask for better shower shoes! (Would 10/10 recommend for stage races.)


Big Sweatpants + Sweatshirt

It’s not exactly high fashion (or maybe it is, come to think of it), but IMO, nothing beats getting out of spandex cycling shorts or running tights and putting on big, baggy sweats. I’ve talked before about how I’m fairly convinced that the ingrown hair situation I get emailed about on occasion is largely caused by the fact that women are constantly giving from cycling shorts to tights/leggings immediately post-ride, not giving their skin time to breathe or their hair time to relax. So, don’t be afraid of the big, cozy sweatsuit after a ride or run. This has been the nice thing about camping the last two weeks—just absolutely no stress about what to wear post-ride or run, because we just never left the campsite.

Glerup Clogs

I’m all about cozy comfort for your feet post-training, especially if it’s been a long, cold ride or run and your feet are just feeling a little mangled. I’ve been really loving the Glerup clogs I got a few months ago (get the rubber sole!). They’re more of a house shoe, but with the rubber sole, they’re fine for walking around in pretty much any outdoor situation barring the pouring rain. I cannot stress enough how comfortable it feels to slide these babies on after a run!

Gnarly Nutrition Whey Protein

I’m a total convert to Gnarly Nutrition’s chocolate whey protein. It mixes in water perfect and tastes fantastic—the closest protein powder I’ve had to drinking chocolate milk, TBH. But it’s also NSF for Sport certified, which is a huge deal to me. (We try not to ever recommend supplements that aren’t.) I know that I’m low on overall protein most days if I’m not careful, so adding this in following any run 10 miles and over has been a really positive change—my dietitian I consulted with a while back recommended adding in the extra shake, and I think she was 110% right! Having this immediately post-ride or run is definitely helping my recovery.

Burt’s Bees Moisturizer and SPF

Again, a lot of time outside has prompted this addition—I wear regular sport sunscreen for runs, but then afterwards, I put this on so that I’m taking care of my skin and wearing an SPF, rather than spraying on more regular sunscreen. I’ve found my skin has been a lot happier as a result! (We’re hoping to get a dermatologist on the show to talk about skincare for athletes—sounds weird, but it’s a big topic!)


NormaTec Recovery Boots

Not a staple, per se, but I have to admit that I really miss having these for post-ride/run use. I left them at home since they’re a little hard to use in the van and take up a bit too much space, but I definitely find myself missing them.  (Full review here.)


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