March Favorites: Chia Seeds, Castor Oil, the Power of Nature + More!

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Gear

We’re back with a smattering of March favorites!

Chia Seed Pudding

I love chia seeds from a gut health/digestion perspective AND a taste perspective, but I always forget about them. They’re such an easy way to add good Omega fatty acids to your diet, they’re super filling, protein and fiber-dense, and because the tiny seeds absorb a ton of water, they make for a really tasty pudding that’s akin to tapioca, but much healthier. And it takes about 30 seconds to prepare! I’ve been doing this pudding recipe for a month or so, having a bit every day, and I think it really has improved my digestion.

The quick recipe: In a container, combine 1/8 cup chia seeds, 3/4 cup coconut milk, 3/4 cup water, splash of vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and a hefty tablespoon of maple syrup. Let it sit for at least 12 hours—it should achieve an almost tapioca pudding-like consistency.

Word of warning: It’s delicious and great for digestion, but it is calorically dense. I just do a couple of big tablespoons of it with my lunch, not a hefty serving!

House plants

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but we’re back in our place in Ontario and I was so excited to pick up our houseplants from my in-laws. (They thrived under my mother in law’s care, I apparently am lethal to houseplants.) But anyway. Being at our Airbnb in North Carolina last month was lovely, but I missed being surrounded by nature all day everyday like we were the weeks before as we did more of a van camping situation. Coming home to a wall of houseplants isn’t quite the same as waking up in the van looking out at a field and trees, but it is really nice. Definitely a mood boost, especially while it’s still gray out!

Castor Oil for Eyebrows

OK, hear me out: Castor oil has been a weird wellness “thing” for decades. I remember being maybe 8 years old and where my aunt lived in Virginia Beach was a block away from the Edgar Cayce institute (talking about OG wellness guru types) and he was big into castor oil to heal pretty much everything, from your chakras to your skin and gut issues. I lived for his little wellness pamphlets back then, despite not being at all into health and fitness. Anyway, all that to say, while I never used castor oil before now, I’ve been aware of it for nearly 30 years. It seems like it’s having a comeback in the wellness/beauty space lately, and I heard about people using it in place of eyebrow gel or clear mascara, and I was intrigued. I’m not a makeup person, but I aspire to be somewhat put together—and for some reason, using something that doubles as skincare as well as keeping my eyebrows in line seems much more appealing than an eyebrow gel. I got this organic castor oil + mascara wand from Fraiche (it’s super cheap) and honestly, I love it. I can’t sweat that my eyelashes are growing more rapidly, but my brows and lashes do look a bit more ‘done’ when I use it, so it’s a win. And unlike actual makeup, there are no smearing or running issues!

AG1 from Athletic Greens

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love AG1 in the morning as part of my healthy routine! We actually ran out for a couple weeks last month due to some poor planning on my part during our travels, and I did notice a difference in my digestion and general feeling of wellbeing without it. It also made chugging a big glass of water before drinking coffee a lot less likely for me. Cannot recommend enough—and while they’re a great sponsor of the pod, this isn’t a sponsored post. Just a genuine ‘yep, I really do like it and have bought it for family members’ shout out! Get it here—and get 5 free travel packs + 1 year of Vitamin D drops when you use our link! (PS: It’s super easy to unsubscribe or pause your sub if you need to—their portal is shockingly good for customers!)

The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative by Florence Williams

On the note of houseplants… Peter has been reading The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative by Florence Williams and really enjoying it. Not that most of you reading this need a reason to get outside more, but if you are feeling a little stymied by winter doldrums, this book will give you the kick in the butt to get off the trainer and spend a bit of time outside!


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