Lacking Motivation Versus Burnout

by | May 4, 2020 | Mindset

We recently had a Consummate Athlete Podcast episode asking the question of what’s the difference between lacking motivation or being legit burned out? Or, more practically speaking… Should you push through or should you take a day (or week or month) off?

Listen to the episode here

It’s a great question, and a tough one for anyone other than you to answer. Still, we have a few pieces of advice.

Don’t Decide Today

If you’re wondering this right before you get out on your training ride or run or whatever you have on the schedule, don’t skip the workout. Modify if you need to, swapping a hard run for an easier one, or cutting down the time, but still get out and do the work. Then, come back to it after you’ve finished. If you’re dealing with a motivation issue, likely once you’re moving you’ll feel better.

Do at Least 15 Minutes

Or 5, or 10. Set a number that’s your ‘must do’ before you quit.

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Revisit Your Goals

Especially now that a lot of goal races are cancelled, you might be feeling a lack of motivation because your goals no longer are aligned with your training. You may want to re-evaluate them, not re-evaluate if you should give up training altogether.

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Plan a Break

Finish out today’s workout and if you’re still not feeling it, give yourself a rest week and re-evaluate then. You may just need a few days off to catch up on rest, remember that you love to ride/run/whatever. The key is to not decide right before your workout that you’re not doing it.

Talk to an Expert

Sometimes, you may be at risk of burning out or being unmotivated because your training plan doesn’t sync up to your schedule, your stress levels, your energy, your time, or what you really love doing. Consider booking a phone consult with a coach to talk through what you’re currently doing and what some better options or tweaks to your plan might be.

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Keep Moving

Take the break, but add in some walking, some mobility, etc. (We have some yoga videos here!)

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