Killarney Provincial Park + La Cloche Trail Notes from 2020

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Lifestyle

Earlier this summer, we hiked the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park for the third time (though we’ve also run most of it in day-trips as well!). We’re getting pretty darn used to the trail, but every year, something different is happening… And information about the trail is weirdly hard to come by online, so every time we do the trail, I try to make a list of new notes for people considering hiking it!

La Cloche Cell Service is Improving

Whether you consider this a positive or a negative, it’s the case. We had Bell coverage at different points all along the trail, even the farthest flung campsite. Not everyone in our hiking group was able to get great service, but I was able to actually load email and check weather at two of the campsites! (Not that I really wanted to, but I did want to see what the service was like!)

Some Advice for Killarney Provincial Park Camping and Hiking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail


You Will Get Wet

This is nothing new, but just a good reminder that unless you want to take shoes on and off or you’re willing to get creative with how you cross some dams, you’ll likely soak your feet. There is a bridge out about 4 kilometers from the end of the trail (the end that’s closest to the beach, not the end closest to the Crack), but if you’re careful, you can actually edge your way along the railing instead of tromping through a foot of water.

Speed-Hiking the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park: 80 Kilometers of Technical Trail in 2 Days


The Thunder Boxes are Almost Full

I recommend bringing a spade and considering digging your own hole, to be honest. A couple of the boxes (mini-outhouses) at the sites were nearly overflowing in early August, so unless someone has come out to dig new holes, it’s a little iffy. And on that same note, clearly the park is down some staff on-trail, as there were a lot more scraps and litter left behind at the campsites we were at. Carry in, carry out!!!

Hiking and Backpacking: La Cloche Silhouette Killarney

Be Nice to the Staff

If you’re heading to Killarney in 2020, be kind to the park staff. Their volume is so much higher right now as everyone tries to stay local this summer but still get out on vacations, and the park’s capacity has been lowered at the same time, which leads to a tough job for them. So be nice and be patient. And book way, way ahead of time if you can.



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