Join the #ConsummateAthleteParty from May 15-25!

by | May 15, 2020 | Lifestyle

In celebration of spring, warmer weather, trails opening up and staying active, we wanted to host a virtual Consummate Athlete Party. From May 15 to 25th, we want you to do as many activities as possible, from your normal endurance activities like riding and running to strength and mobility to goofier, just-for-fun options like a very serious game of Twister, a heated table tennis match, a dance-off in your living room… Whatever activities sound like fun and get you moving!

The reason we started the Consummate Athlete was to explore different ways of moving and to create healthier, more resilient athletes—breaking out of the one-dimensional mode of being ‘a runner’ or ‘a cyclist.’ (You can hear more about what a Consummate Athlete is on this episode of the podcast.)

We debated calling this a challenge, but realized we actually want it to be a fun way to move more, not a serious call-to-action. Hence, PARTY! And while we considered sticking to a single weekend, we figured we might as well go big and give everyone 10 days to think about playing more while moving.

That said, there are two ways to win a box of serious swag, including books from Molly, Consummate Athlete gear, and some other fun athlete-friendly goodies.

1- Simply use #ConsummateAthleteParty from 5/15-5/25 as you post about your adventures on social media, and we’ll be doing one random draw for a prize

2- Another prize will go to the person/family who posts the silliest or most epic sequence of activities, so bonus points for originality!

(Of course, the obvious caveat that none of these activities you’re going to do are unsafe or going against government mandates for your area—we’re not fans of trespassing on still-closed trails or taking unnecessary risks for the sake of a new sport!)

What are we up to in this time? Definitely our usual running/riding/strength/yoga, and Molly will be running a virtual marathon on the 24th. But we’ll also be goofing off a bit more with some table tennis practice, and some other exciting new additions to our usual activities… so make sure you’re following along on the new Consummate Athlete Instagram!

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