Janji’s New Cold-Weather Run Gear + Fannypack/Satchel Sling Bag

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Gear

I recently checked out Janji’s women’s run tights and long sleeve run top plus their new running / hiking satchel, and I have to say, I was seriously impressed with the quality of all three pieces, especially at the price point! This is a brand you may not have heard of before, but they’ve been around for a while.

Janji Sling Bag, $48

This is the piece I didn’t know that I needed, to be honest. We hike a fair bit, and often I start carrying a water bottle, plus my phone and snacks for me and DW. I don’t really have pockets on most of my clothing, but I don’t like wearing a full-on run pack on a hike. Enter this sling bag, which can be worn across your chest or back (with a strap to keep it in place, or just wear it loose for easier access), or as a fanny pack. It’s bigger than your average fanny pack–2 liters–and can easily hold a big cycling water bottle plus snacks/phone/keys. It’s simple looking, the silvery blue color is nice and neutral but not boring, and it’s surprisingly comfortable. Like I said–it solved a problem I didn’t know I had! You can also run with it, though I would only do that if I was doing an easy run around town versus a full long, hard run, at which point I’d probably swap that for my Nathan vest.

Get it here

janji sling bag

Janji 7/8 Groundwork Tight, $88

This is the first running tight in years that I’ve tried that I tolerate other than the lululemon Align 2 tights. They’re comfortable, they stay up, they look good, and they handle a wash/dry cycle without any issues. Really, they’re a simple pair of tights that just works. I often find that for tights either slide down or feel so compressive that they’re not pleasant to run in, so these were a welcome surprise. Note: They have these in black, but I actually love the royal purple/blue ‘Astral’ color, despite my usual ‘all black all the time’ rule.

Get them here

Janji Swift Tech Mockneck LS, $66

I admit, I thought this was pretty ‘whatever’ when I first got it–comfortable long sleeve, great. Not bad, not amazing. But there are a few details that make this long-sleeve go from ‘sure, this is fine’ to ‘I freaking love this.’ First, it just fits well and doesn’t ride up when I run. Second, it’s that great blend of warm enough but not sweat-inducing, so it’s awesome for fall days. Third, the mockneck is something I’d never encountered before but LOVE. It’s not as constrictive as a turtleneck, which I find can feel a little claustrophobic on a run, but it does keep your neck covered just enough. And you can add a buff if you’re layering without it getting to be too much. But really, my favorite bit was the thumbholes. It might sound silly, but I hate shirts that have thumbholes built in where if you don’t use them, the sleeves are weird and bunchy and end up being way too much fabric. These are built in very casually, so they don’t take up space, but they work if you want to cover your hands while you run.

Get it here





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