Introducing My New Course on Prokit, The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship!

by | Jan 17, 2021 | Mindset

Hi everyone! I’m super stoked to share my new ecourse over on Prokit: The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship. Whether you’re an older athlete looking to take your racing to the next level and seeking support, the coach for a club or youth team hoping to support his or her athletes better this season, a young racer looking to turn pro, or an adventure-loving explorer who wants to share his or her stories in a more meaningful way, this is the course for you.

Below is a Short Podcast Episode about the Course if you prefer to listen!

After writing the book “The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship,” I realized that not everyone learns the same way, and I started doing a few online courses for different organizations like the Ontario Cycling Association about how athletes can find and create solid relationships with sponsors.

The webinar-style sessions combined with worksheets, an actual resume and website audit from me, and the ability to ask questions in real-time was a huge hit, and at Prokit, we wanted to bring the E-course option to anyone hoping to push their athletic career to the next level. Prokit is already an awesome platform for athletes to be able to effectively create their own online resume and website while connecting with other athletes and brands, so it was the perfect fit! Who am I to create this course? In the past decade, I’ve raced as a semi-elite racer in a ton of different disciplines, from cyclocross to Ironman to ultra-distance trail running. I’ve written for nearly every major cycling and running publication. I’ve managed a professional cycling team, spent several seasons traveling in Europe on the pro cyclocross circuit, helped brands choose athletes to work with, coached camps and clinics around the world, sat in on quite a few contract negotiations, and helped several pros maintain their websites. I’ve interviewed hundreds of pro athletes, and not only learned some of the behind-the-scenes tactics that they use to secure sponsors but learned some do’s and don’t’s for creating your brand along the way. I’ve also written eight books and run the podcast and content over at Phew.

So I get that for most of us, athletics isn’t our full-time job, and carving out time to train is hard enough—finding time to also seek out sponsors to support our racing/running/riding/adventuring habit? That’s even harder. But it’s worth it, and with this ecourse, I’m breaking down the most efficient ways to get from your current Point A to your ideal Point B.

The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship Class Includes:

  • 4 Video Lessons – Sessions with Molly covering the sponsorship hunt (and how to tell when you’re ready), crafting a racer resume and website, navigating social media as well as race day, and all the nitty-gritty details that come with handling sponsorships, from finding the right contact to reading contracts
  • Monthly Live Q+A – Open to all athletes who’ve taken the class
  • Reading Material – Reading material for each lesson provided in a PDF
  • Resume/website feedback – Athletes will have the chance to submit a resume, Prokit profile, and/or website for feedback from Molly (Parents, if you have young athletes, this course also teaches plenty about crafting a resume, finding important info online, and sending appropriate emails, so it may actually be a sneaky way to introduce some life skills to your young racer!)

Learn more + sign up here

Testimonials about my sponsorship book and past classes

  • …extremely informative for any athlete trying to get sponsored or take charge of their own programs.”
  • “As a young cyclist, this book helped me immensely…I read it straight through! It’s helpful to go back through and take notes on each piece. Interactive sections throughout the book are also amazing!”
  • “I’ve worked with Molly on two different events, one at Rapha NY and one at Rapha DC. She’s incredibly engaging and a natural host, sharing information on training, nutrition, comfort on the bike, and pretty much any other bike-related topic you can think of, in a constructive and positive way. Between the two events, it’s been amazing to see her tailor the presentation to the very different crowds, making the talks feel custom-fit for each audience we had.” -Ed Nessen, Rapha Cycling Club D.C. Coordinator
  • “Molly is very well-researched and her manner of speaking is honest, funny, and easy to grasp. She is well-versed in a variety of topics and easy to talk to about the most sensitive of them!”  -Mia Moore at The Edge Athlete Lounge
  • “Molly is a fantastic presenter, even from 4000 miles away, she was able to really connect with the audience of my women’s coaching conference.” -Chantal Thompson, HP Coordinator and Special Projects Coach at the Ontario Cycling Association

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