How to Get Started Riding the Rollers – VIDEO

by | May 26, 2020 | Training, Video

When it comes to riding the rollers, it’s tempting to start with a doorway or a wall and start by leaning a hand on the wall to get rolling. But that’s not how you ride a bike outside–and it’s actually making riding the rollers harder, not easier. Endurance coach Peter Glassford explains in this simple video an easier way to get going without a wall:

It sounds simple, and really, it is. Case in point: Molly actually had never ridden rollers before. This was her second ever attempt:

Once you have this mastered–and yes, it is easier than it looks, I promise!–you can start getting fancier.

Not sure how riding the rollers could fit into your current training? Book a call with Peter to talk about where riding rollers could make your riding better, and when to opt for a regular trainer or ride outside.

Get TACX Rollers here (Canada link)

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