How to Dance – Michelle Hillier

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Lifestyle, Training

Michelle Hillier joins Molly and Peter today to talk about Dancing! Find out how dance fits into a Consummate Athlete Lifestyle and how to be more comfortable at your next Dance party!
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Michelle Hillier, B.A, B.Ed., OCT
Experience Groove – Founder & Creative Director
Sessional Instructor, UOIT B.Ed. Program
Dance AQ Instructional Leader, York University
Instagram & Twitter: @michgroove


1)How did you get started in dancing?


2) What led you to create the Groove Method?

Groove as a form of creative movement, to build community and dance where “you can’t get it wrong”!

3) What’s different/what’s similar compared to traditional classes?

Close to 1 million people of all ages with the concept over the last 10 years – the common theme that underlies every experience is how The Groove makes people FEEL. Often described as transformative, it’s time to wake up, move our bodies and reconnect as humans.

Dance classes for adults outside of zumba are few and far between—why do you think that is / why is dance great for adults?

Best dance club tips for people?

How to feel less awkward on the dance floor, i.e at a wedding

How do you manage balancing growing the Groove Method / teacher training etc. with life/your own practice?


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