Holiday Gift Guide for Runners 2019

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Gear

As a serious runner myself, I don’t like the idea of gifting apparel because between size, fit, and style, it’s really a personal decision on the runner’s part. It’s annoying to have someone give you gear with the best of intentions, only to realize it’s non-returnable and doesn’t fit you well. So all of these options are pretty one-size-fits-most (with socks, you may have to make an educated guess but you get the idea.)

DIY a Foot Care Kit

Combine any of these items together in the big basin for foot soaking and you have the ultimate runner footcare kit of things that are all actually useful to runners, with none of the BS fancy crap that usually comes in a pre-packaged pedicure kit. I tried to find aesthetically pleasing options and cuter colors so the gift doesn’t come off totally utilitarian, but of course, adjust as needed!

Camp Shower

For those remote runs where your runner really needs to get changed after their training, or for post race cleanups, a shower rocks. this awesome ($10) camp shower is the absolute best!

Best Books for Runners

I decided to do this as a list, since we’ve read so many great ones in the last year with the Athletic Bookworms. Take a peek at the notes and highlights from my favorites and see which suits your runner the best!

Travel Shoe Dryer

I’ll list this one over and over again because very few people will get it for themselves, but it’s a total trip/race saver. If you’re in a hotel frantically trying to dry shoes after pre-running a course, or back at a (electricity-having) campsite after a long day of hiking, it is SO nice to be able to ensure that your shoes are dry and ready the next day. And it can also run on your car’s cigarette lighter, WHAT!?!?! This is perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, literally ANY outdoors type, and the travel option takes up no space.

CEP Crew Socks

The only concession I’ll make to runner clothing is the Christmas cliche of socks. I’ve loved CEP’s compression socks—just the ankle high, not full calves—for running for years now and I do think they’re a good option for something that most runners won’t get themselves (they’re around $19/pair), but make a big difference to run comfort. GREAT for frequent flyers too, since they keep your feet from swelling a ton on long flights.

The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship

Know a runner who’s trying to make it as a pro? My latest book might be the perfect stocking stuffer, since it’s packed with info on the care and keeping of sponsors, in a no-BS voice of experience from years behind the scenes in the pro endurance sport world.

The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship: An Athlete Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dreaming Big, Racing Smart & Creating a Reliable Brand for a Long, Successful Career” here!

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