Finally, a New Merino Hoodie (from Kitsbow)

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Gear, Women Specific

When I saw the new women’s Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie, I was tentatively filled with hope and excitement. You all know that I’ve been looking for a merino wool hoodie that comes anywhere near my old favorite, the Chrome Pasha Hoodie that I got 12 years ago and has now been worn in 10 countries and washed so often that it’s see-through. Guys. The Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie is THE ONE.

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A great-fitting merino wool hoodie is a staple. It’s a bit nicer than a generic cotton hoodie, it’s warmer, it doesn’t get smelly when you get sweaty, and it can go from airports to meetings to backcountry hiking trips. I don’t go anywhere without one, they’re so damn useful and cozy. And the Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie didn’t disappoint.

Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie

Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie

Key features, as ranked by me:

  • Merino wool = cozy, soft, durable, and less in need of washing
  • Can be washed and dried by machines and doesn’t shrink
  • Hood that actually fits and comfortably pairs with winter coat
  • Durable zipper, despite my and DW’s best efforts to wreck it
  • Zippered hand pockets AND a secret pocket in the back, so it’s great for running, riding, airport-ing, and still has good hand-warming pockets like a standard hoodie
  • It covers about half of your butt, so it’s long but not too long, and works well with leggings (from a purely aesthetic perspective). It actually has a slight rear dropped hem, which I love
  • Reflective piping
Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie

Kitsbow Galena Merino Hoodie

Honestly, I know it’s a spend to get this hoodie, but if you’re anything like me and wear something like this often, I can’t recommend it enough. You will get your money’s worth!!

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