Coming Around on the Fanny Pack (For Hiking, Living and Most Things, Really.)

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Gear

I know fanny packs somehow became uber-stylish on the runways this past year, and now they’re freaking everywhere (I actually just bought a rose gold one at Five Below because I am weak when it comes to rose gold/fanny packs). And in the endurance sport world, they had a moment in mountain biking, and they’ve been a hipster/bike messenger staple for ages. But it took me a while to actually start using one with any regularity. And then, I found myself tossing my plain black fanny pack into my bag when we packed for Costa Rica, thinking I didn’t want to bring my run pack because I wasn’t supposed to be running, but I felt like I might need it. Turned out, that was a really good call. An ATV ride and subsequent hike plus lunch stop? A fanny pack for my camera, phone and a bit of cash and small container of sunscreen was all we needed to bring.

And this fanny pack isn’t new. I actually had gotten it back in 2017 when I was managing the Aspire Racing team. During hotter races, I wouldn’t have pockets, and the constant need to have my phone, my camera, and some emergency gels/stickers/etc on hand was starting to become an issue. So, to avoid wearing a backpack all the time, I went for a super cheap fanny pack, and it’s lasted a really long time.

Moral of the story? This is legit my favorite new athletic accessory and I don’t know why I waited so long to start using it for hikes — I usually end up carrying my phone, which can be dicey on descents and annoying on uphills, but with a fanny pack, I can fit that plus a snack and a small hydroflask and be out for a couple hours!

Get the fanny pack that’s lasted me 2+ years (for under $8) here:

And let me know in the comments: What’s the most obnoxiously useful piece of gear that you’ve found?


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