DryGuy Force Dry for Boots, Cycling Shoes and Soaked Sneakers: Review (and Winter Storage Tips!)

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Gear

$50 for dry, warm shoes all winter? SIGN ME UP. Since we live in a wet, snowy spot, there are pretty much constantly wet shoes in our condo. And wet shoes on the road are the bane of my existence. So boot dryers for cycling shoes, snow boots and sneakers have been of serious interest to me in the last year, but I thought they were all space-hogging, pricey pieces of equipment. Enter the DryGuy Force Dry: at $50 and about a square foot in size, this thing solved pretty much all of my winter issues. Set the timer, pop your boots or shoes or gloves onto the legs, and your stuff is dry ultra-quick.

Pro Tip: If you live in a small condo like ours, figure out a drying corner. We have a gardening pot for our skis that has a drainage thing at the bottom on top of this rubber boot try, and the boot dryer here as well. Wet skis don’t fall down in a corner anymore, while our boots/cycling shoes take turns on the tray and on the dryer, and not pictured, we have an over-the-door coat rack up where we hang wet snowpants and coats to dry. (I also put caps and gloves on the Force Dry or just propped on the skis to dry out.) Saves and contains a whole lot of mess!

I freaking hate wet boots, and since I’m out pretty much every day walking or skiing, just putting them inside wasn’t doing the trick. And camping trips are THE WORST once shoes get wet… So being able to get shoes to dry fast is huge for us. So, being able to live/travel with the Force Dry is my new favorite thing. No one wants soggy cycling shoes. And on the road, being able to dry out our cycling shoes or sneakers before tossing them in the van is HUGE for not having a super smelly ride home, if we’re getting real here.

There are bigger, fancier options from DryGuy, but  the Force Dry model made the most sense for how mobile we are—hotel room shoe drying can be brutal, and this model travels well, and also works well in-house, so it’s the optimal combo for us. This model is super small: 8″x12″ at the base, and the legs fold down so it’s super portable. It barely takes up any space in the van or in our small condo, so it’s great for apartment-dwellers!

Check out the DryGuy Force Dry here:


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