Chrome Storm Seeker Women’s Raincoat Review—Paddington Bear Gets a Commuter Chic Makeover

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Gear, Women Specific

Chrome is getting back into women’s clothing (THANK GOD BECAUSE I NEED A NEW PASHA MERINO HOODIE) and I give them credit, they’re doing it really methodically, versus rushing to get a huge lineup out so people can applaud. They’re actually being really thoughtful about the fits and styles and it’s super clear in the finished product. And I absolutely LOVE their newest women’s raincoat, the Storm Seeker, which is admittedly a combo of a raincoat style I would have rocked as a child of the 90s mixed with Paddington Bear and I am INTO IT.

I admit, I don’t have the world’s best photos of it right now, but I didn’t want to wait on posting this since it’s getting into raincoat season… So I’ll update once I get back to Ontario and into the $hitty weather, but for now:

This jacket was a total lifesaver this winter—it’s nice to have a cycling rain jacket that a) looks cool, b) is big enough to put a heavy sweatshirt under, c) actually works like a cyclist needs it to and d) has pockets. (Honestly, the only company I can think of doing similar is Showers Pass, but their jackets don’t meet my #1 standard of looking cool, they just look like athletic rain jackets. So, seriously, well-done!)

Most cycling coats (like my fave 7mesh Revelation coat) are super fitted, which is great for serious road riding, but a lot of the time, I want a do-it-all raincoat that looks cool wandering around NYC, hiking, wearing a huge parka underneath, mountain biking, and bike commuting, and that’s where this jacket shines. It also keeps your butt pretty darn dry even on the muckiest days! The pockets are also a huge perk: super-waterproof, and BIG and plentiful. Seriously, you can carry your life in them.

It’s MSRP is $200 (on par with most good raincoats for cyclists), and it’s available in bright blue and black. I wasn’t originally sold on the bright blue, but even I came around to it after a few wears. It’s gotten the most use out of pretty much any new piece of gear I’ve gotten in the last few months, and the only reason it didn’t come with me to Tucson is because it rarely rains in this area and I needed a smaller, more packable raincoat for emergencies only.

(Side note: I am in-freaking-love with this merino tank top from Chrome, and will be getting it as soon as possible. Normally, merino tank tops for women are pretty ‘mehh’ but this one actually looks cool enough to wear on a daily basis in addition to as a baselayer. Love the whole double-duty street-wear aesthetic they’ve been nailing lately.

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