Choosing the Right Gear for Your First Ultra-Run

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Gear

Over on Gear Junkie, I wrote all about my first ultra-running experience (the Killington Under Armour Mountain Run last summer) and what I learned about gear—plus a few tips from seasoned veterans of ultra. There are so many things I learned since that first race—like the fact that your running vest and shirt combination needs to match up well to avoid chafing, and that the right watch/GPS setup is key. (In the feature image from my first race, I’m wearing an Apple Watch… which, if you read my Apple Watch review, you know I was NOT happy with post-race, as the GPS died about 2 hrs in, leaving me without any info on time or pace. In my second ultra, I just had a $20 Timex watch that I used as a stopwatch and roughly gauged pace when I hit mile markers at aid stations. Also an imperfect solution, but a good one for me right now, when I’m trying to not stress on miles and time and focus on feeling.)

ANYWAY, check it out and let me know if there’s any gear you would add to the list!

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