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by | Sep 23, 2020 | Gear

Custom cycling and triathlon clothing company Champion System has really impressed me in the past year. In addition to their amazing commitment to getting more women and girls on bikes as well as social justice (!), their kits are actually awesome. I’ve been blown away by the custom Shred Girls clothing that they’ve put together, and I wear it constantly. The price points are really stellar too, and I appreciate that there are lower and higher-end options. For instance, there are three vest options, the Apex ($220), Performance ($106) and Tech ($56). I really love that having those options mean that even clubs/riders/teams on a budget still have access to totally solid options without spending thousands on a kit, but for teams looking for higher-end stuff (ahem, Champion System outfitted Tour de France riders!), there are super-high-quality items. Here, I wanted to talk about a couple of the MVPs that I’ve loved lately:

Champion System Vest

I have the middle option, the Performance Vest. And I LOVE it. It fits great over a jersey, it’s comfortable, it has legit pockets, and it flawlessly integrates with how the jerseys are printed. Personally, I think a vest can basically extend your cycling gear for an extra -10 degrees of riding, so I really think if you’re ordering a custom kit, adding a vest to a jersey and shorts is key.

Check it out here

Champion System Long Sleeve Jersey

I LOVE A LONG SLEEVE… for riding and running. I’ve turned a bunch of friends onto the concept this year, since it helps avoid crappy tan lines, lets you skip sunscreen, and frankly, doesn’t really make you any hotter as a result most of the time. Peter is really into sun sleeves, but I don’t love how the white armwarmers look. A long sleeve jersey, on the other hand, just feels really sleek and pro. And the Tech+ Long Sleeve Jersey is only $64 when you’re doing a custom order. How REASONABLE IS THAT?!

Get it here

(Psst… You can get a Shred Girls jersey right here, in women’s, kid’s and men’s sizes!!)

Champion System Cyclocross Skinsuit

You all know that I think skinsuits for cyclocross are an absolute must, so I was freaking thrilled when Champion System came out with not just one, but two!, cyclocross options—regular and light, for the early season races. The skinsuit fits like a glove, and it has pockets, which makes pre-riding SO easy. Side note, I would totally pair this with a vest on a slightly cooler day for the sake of not needing to mess with a bunch of articles of clothing. I’m also OBSESSED with their CX tights that zip on and off for easy pre-riding and start line coziness.

Get it here


The Champion System Ordering Process

I’ve been on a lot of teams and worked with a lot of different custom kit brands over the years, and I can honestly say that Champion System has been the easiest and best by far to work with, from design to fit kits to actually getting the kit… And the mountain bike club we’re part of (CORC here in Ontario) used them this year and had fabulous results as well. It’s been so easy, their minimums are super low so even casual teams or friend crews can get custom kits, and the quality of the pieces has been really stellar. I’ve worn my long sleeve jersey probably 60 times (and on long, sweaty rides) and washed + dried it on normal cycles, and it still looks nearly new!

For design + fit tips, read: Making Your First Custom Cycling and Running Kit



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