Best Outdoorsy Foodie Gifts for 2019

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Gear, Nutrition

Like the other categories I’ve listed, I wanted to come up with options that were good for everyone—so I didn’t include specific gels or sports drink mixes, because I can say as endurance athletes, we rarely want you to buy us new flavors or potions that we haven’t tested. The thought is nice, but it’s a little annoying when you end up with a bunch of gels in flavors you hate, or a protein powder that hurts your stomach. So, opt for more neutral foodie-friendly gifts!

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Shred Girls Mug

Obviously, I had to lead with this Shred Girls mug. If you have a coffee snob in the family, this + a hand grinder for making coffee on the road is an awesome present. And who doesn’t want a little more cycling adventure with their morning coffee? (Reminder: all Shred Girls swag proceeds go directly into paying to keep the website providing content to get more young women on bikes!)

Outlandish Cookbook

We had author, runner, hiker and foodie Morgan Sjogren on The Consummate Athlete Podcast to talk about cooking on the road and training out of her van, and her book Outlandish is gorgeous, the recipes are delicious, and her story is super inspiring.

SALTY Necklace

I cannot even. If you’ve spent any time at all with me, you know I am a tiny (a lot) salt-obsessed. I travel with packets of salt in my wallet and we have a salt grinder in our van’s glove box. Soooo… When I found out that Morton Salt was putting out a line of salt-themed jewelry, I was like, “Hell, yes.” There’s the obvious SALTY necklace that I immediately wanted, and the slightly more subtle circle with a line, their Alchemy design that was inspired by the fact that salt used to be currency (still is in my world). For your salty (in personality, sweat, or food preference) friend, it’s the perfect, hilarious present. Don’t forget to add Morton’s new pink Himalayan sea salt to their stocking as well!

A Good Knife

Not a knife block that you scored on sale. A Good Knife. Georgia Gould told me years ago that she travels with a good quality chef’s knife and that was a gamechanger for cooking on the road, and that advice is dead-on. It’s such a useful tool, and can make a road trip go from garbage gas station meals to nutritionally-dense salads for under $20 from the grocery store. We have a JA Henckels one that I love, and it’s been in use for 3 years now—my dad got it for Peter for Christmas and it’s the best present he’s gotten!

Backpacker’s Pantry Meals

If you have a hiker in the family, an awesome stocking stuffer is the options from Backpacker’s Pantry. Backpacking meals are pricey, so it’s really nice to get them as gifts, to be honest. I would often end up just bringing rice and tuna pouches on camping trips and ending up a little hungry because I don’t think to stock up on these, and while that’s awesome from a budget standpoint, a little more flavor is always nice. So, do your hiker a solid and get them some tasty treats for their next trip!

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