A Month of Travel Writing—Roundup and Thoughts

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Lifestyle

I was stoked to test out this whole idea of picking a ‘buzzword’ for the month, and with 7 countries and 14 beds slept in during January, it seemed appropriate to start by writing a few pieces directed at TRAVEL. I decided to try the buzzword thing because it forced me to think of fun, interesting to write pieces around things I’m feeling particularly passionate about, and this first month was really fun. I felt some serious writing mojo happening, which—as any writers know—isn’t always a guarantee. So, if you’ve been reading, thank you, thank you, thank you!

In case you missed anything:

So let me know what you thought of the whole ‘buzzword of the month’ concept over on Twitter or in the comments here. I’m gearing up for a fun February, and plan to keep this rolling for at least a few more months to see what happens.

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