8 Mistakes You’re Making In Yoga Class… And None of Them Are “Doing X Pose Wrong”

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Cross-Training, Training

When I started teaching yoga classes a few months ago, I started to realize something: I’d been lucky enough to jump into a few fitness-yoga type classes back in college, just as a ‘well, this seems like a bonus workout’ during the height of overtraining insanity on my part. The yoga itself wasn’t the most amazing or anything, but I did learn—in a huge class and as a younger, more flexible person—all of the basic poses. So when I started teaching yoga, I’d technically been practicing for 10+ years. Then, I had a bunch of hockey players start taking my class, and I realized that not everyone has the same yoga basics down. In fact, most people don’t know WTF a downward dog is. And guess what? That was actually awesome! As the teacher, I freaking loved being able to go over stuff like that with students who were OK with asking questions. Which leads me to one of the mistakes I wrote about over on Nylon: thinking you need to pretend to know what you’re doing. You don’t.

If you’re taking yoga classes now or considering it, give this a read first! (Another PS, though: one major mistake is NOT changing classes when a teacher isn’t working out for you. Here are a few warning signs I’ve written about before!)

Click to read: 8 Mistakes You’re Making In Yoga Class


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