7Mesh has the BC-Based Raingear You Need In Your Life: The Revelation Jacket

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Gear

Raincoats are a very personal thing for athletes. I’m ridiculously pick about mine, which is part of the reason it’s taken me two years to do a full writeup on here on the 7mesh Revelation women’s rain jacket. Not because it wasn’t amazing. It is. But I wanted to pretty much run it into the ground before I gave it a seal of approval. And two years later, it still looks like new, and is as water-proof as the day I got it.

A few key features make this ideal for me for riding AND for running.

For one, the fit is amazing. Not too tight—I can get a long sleeve jersey under it—but fitted more than most of the bulky raincoats I end up getting. It’s a perfect in-between: fit for less drag while running and riding, but loose enough that I can breathe, and sized to fit in a way that works for both activities. I’ve had some tight raincoats for cycling before, but the second you started trying to run, they pulled in weird ways. This one, not so much.

I also dig that the front is a bit short, while the back trails long to avoid a bit of the butt-splashing situation in puddles. It’s also convenient, again, for running. Having the shorter front means not being hampered in the hip area.

The front zip pockets = genius! I actually would stick my phone in them on rainy rides/runs, and it was perfectly dry at the end (thanks to waterproof zippers). There are also zips in the underarms for ventilation. (With a merino wool heavy layer on under it, it’s basically been serving as my winter coat in almost all conditions.) It has a detachable hood, which is pretty much the most genius thing ever: I kept it off for most rides/runs, but for walking, the hood is so freaking nice.

Also, let’s just point out that this is BLACK. It’s basic, it’s a staple, and you guys know I love a #HealthGoth find, and that’s not so easy in the women’s cycling apparel game.

I stopped at the 7Mesh HQ in Squamish after Ironman last summer to say hi and learn a bit about their process, and that crew CARES about women’s cycling, women’s cycling apparel, and making gear that actually fits well and works amazingly. They’re a rad company, and it’s cool to support smaller brands like them.

A few key details: made with GoreTex, so you KNOW it’s watertight,  and at only 289g, it’s hella light. You can cram it into a pocket (it’ll be FULL, but it’ll fit), and I love it for how packable it is.

The pricetag is steep at $300, but I’ve been rocking mine for running and riding (and everyday errands and life) for two years now and it’s still in perfect condition. (For great deals if that’s out of your price range, keep an eye on Competitive Cyclist’s site, because they occasionally have crazy 7mesh sales!



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