5 Pieces to Snag from Velocio’s Memorial Day Sale

by | May 24, 2024 | Gear

I’ve loved Velocio for a long time now, and they’re currently holding their Memorial Day sale, so if you need some new summer kit, now is the time to stock up. Here, I’m sharing my favorites that have held up for years and years. When it comes to cycling gear, a capsule wardrobe of comfy pieces that fit well definitely beats a lot of cheaper options!

My Velocio Favorites

If you’re going to invest in one good cycling kit, I really love Velocio. I tell friends all the time that I still have their Luxe Bib Shorts from the year they launched—and they’re still going strong 10 years later. Their new stuff is solid, and while yes, you can find cheaper options elsewhere, the best bang for your buck is to buy a Velocio kit and lean in.

Luxe Bib Shorts

If you buy nothing else, get these shorts. Seriously, you can ride in pretty much any jersey, but you need comfortable shorts. And these deliver… and make it super easy to pee, thanks to a pull-down panel in the back. (I also love the rubber grippers—no sausage leg issues!) Get them here. (Right now, there are a few colorways on sale, so if you love a brighter short, go for those!)

If you’re on a tight budget, they do have a ‘foundation’ collection now that’s a deep discount!

Ultra-Light Long Sleeve Jersey (in Moonrock)

I love a long sleeve jersey, so I was SO excited when they introduced the ultra-light LS, since I prefer to run long sleeves year-round when possible. The Moonrock is such a great greige color that just looks unique (but still a neutral). Get it here.

Signature Long Sleeve

I’ve been wearing the Signature Long Sleeve since they first came out with it, and it’s the only jersey in a COLOR that I own—the rusty orange is great. It’s comfy, stretchy, and ideal for a cooler spring day—with a vest, it’s great for colder weather. Get it here.

Luxe Bib Tights

I wrote a love letter to these tights for Bicycling magazine four years ago and I stand by it. I hate thermal tights because unless it’s -15, I end up boiling in them. But I also hate leg warmers. So when Velocio introduced these unlined tights, I was ALL in. They’re basically if you took bib shorts and crossed them with your comfiest leggings. A shoulder season staple. Get them here.

Ultra-Light Trail Shorts

HUGE fan of these trail shorts as someone who doesn’t really wear a lot of MTB specific gear. They’re SUPER stretchy, which means they’re really comfy, and that’s my love language. Get them here.


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