All of Our 2021 Gift Guides in 1 Place—and a Couple Bonus Ideas!

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Gear

Still shopping for the holidays? Don’t panic and attempt to order a pair of sneakers for your running friend… Check out our gift guides right here for our favorite gifts for any budget:


Running late and need some last minute gifts? Here are a few easy ideas:

  • Grab a gift certificate for a massage at a local place that specializes in sports massage—very few athletes won’t love this one!
  • Print your own gift certificate and order a friend a subscription to Runner’s World,BicyclingCanadian CyclingCanadian RunningOutside or Women’s Running: Those are just a few of my favorites and almost all of them are under $20 for the year (WHAT?!), but I’d be remiss as a journalist if I didn’t mention them! If you love reading their content online, support them + help keep the doors open. (Outside+ also comes with 2 free VeloPress books, so you could also get the subscriptions for yourself and use the books as gifts, or even have the subscriptions sent to someone else. That’s what I did for my dad’s birthday… and the bonus was it gave me access to all the Outside+ online content, which includes Trail Runner, Women’s Running, VeloNews + Outside!)
  • Book a new class to take together. It can be sport-related, like a personal yoga session for you and a friend (I got a friend a buddy boxing session with a trainer together for her and I to do!), or think a little outside the box with something like a ballroom dancing private lesson. It’s a fun way to spend time together and actually learn something new!



Happy shopping!


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