Our Gift Guide for Athletic Women in Your Life

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Gear, Women Specific

Shopping for your crew of athletic women in your life, or trying to find the perfect present for your runner / cyclist partner? We’ve got you covered with the gifts we’re giving to the athletic women we know… and what Molly has on her own wish list! From $10 to $110, we have a list that spans the full range of price points and ideas for any awesome athlete.

One final note before we dig in: Definitely check out our other gift guides right here, because we have plenty of options that are great for any gender listed. We just wanted to include a women-specific list because, well, Molly has a lot of women she shops for, and frankly, it was fun to do double duty while shopping for them.

Janji Vortex Windblock Gloves

I love a good glove that allows me to maneuver between mitten and glove on the run, and these Janji Vortex Windblocker gloves do not disappoint. If your friend trains in inclement weather, these are the most helpful winter wardrobe staple.

Get them here


Camping Wine Glasses + Coffee Mugs

I really love these tumblers because they’re multi-purpose—perfect for the busy active woman! I love that these are good for enjoying morning coffee in smaller mugs and the occasional glass of wine in something a little fancier than a water bottle. Perfect for those post-run beers/kombuchas at the trailhead and I definitely prefer having this camping versus trying to drink coffee out of a steel mug if I have the choice.

Maars Bev Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler (in matte black, of course)


Sleep Headphones and Mask

For the friend who’s struggling to get to sleep at night despite needing an early wakeup to train… white noise or stories to snooze to can stream to it, and it serves as an eye mask! I love that this combines the headphones and mask for a really simple piece, which is great for travel as well. And the cool thing is that even if this isn’t perfect as a sleep mask or they don’t want to use it as such, it can be used as headphones and a headband for workouts!

Get them here (and in Canada)

Aftershokz Headphones

These have become Peter’s favourite purchase of 2021. These earphones use bone conduction to transmit your favourite music or podcast rather than sending it through your eardrum. This means your ears do not have anything jammed in them so you can hear oncoming traffic and other things going on around you—key for women who want to run with music or a podcast but be aware of their surroundings. They won’t be for everyone but if you struggle with dryness in your ear or want to hear your surroundings these are very solid. The sound quality is superb for both podcasts and music. The only limiter is windy areas or noisy areas they do not cancel out those sounds so it can be hard to hear them (you can use earplugs in those situations if you like). At $80 USD, they’re a splurge for a friend but a solid deal!

Get them here (and in Canada)

RUNNER Morse Code Bracelet

Apologies to anyone who loves it, but I strongly dislike kitschy athletic-themed jewelry (which thankfully, my friends and family have finally come to terms with). But I LOVE this morse code bracelet that spells out RUNNER but looks just like a cute little beaded bracelet. I think this is a super subtle play on a friendship bracelet that’s a fun gift for a crew of runners, or just your one running buddy.

Get it here

Run All the Miles, Eat All the Snacks

After a fun running weekend with friends, repeating this manta ad nauseam, I wanted to put it somewhere I’d remember it… like a cozy post-run sweatshirt! (Note: We recommend ordering ahead of 12/5 to get it in time for the holidays.)

Get it here (or get the Ride All the Miles, Eat All the Snacks version here.)



Crank Brothers Multi-Tool

Being a strong cyclist means being prepared and self-sufficient. If you find mechanical bike repair intimidating the first step to take is to get the tools to start making attempts at fixing your bike. This simple but powerful multitool is a great one for the new cyclist in your life who maybe is still building out her gear closet.

Get it here (And in Canada)

Pearl Izumi Booties

Cold feet are part of cycling but good gear really changes that. If you have a friend who’s new to cycling, she may not be as prepared for the winter as you are, and booties can make a massive difference. We’re huge fans of the Pearl Izumi booties—they last forever! Just make sure you get the right kind (road vs. MTB) for the type of cycling your friend does.

Get them here (and in Canada)


Rest Day Sweatshirt

For the runner who really, really, really struggles to take a damn rest day, this sweatshirt is the perfect visual reminder. I recommend a gift certificate for a massage to go with this!

Get it here

Sticky Credit Card Holder for Your Cell

I get asked all the time by women I run with WTF I have on my phone, and then, where they can get one. Now that we also have to remember masks in addition to keys, wallet and phone, I like nixing the wallet from that equation and simplifying. I swear by these sticky credit card holders: slap one on the back of your phone, and boom! Instantly never forget your wallet again. I still use a wallet, but I keep a credit card with my phone, since that’s the thing that’s always with me. Also great for hotel keys so you never lock yourself out of a room; or for tossing a $20 in there if you’re heading out on a run and want to carry cash but don’t have an easy pocket to stash it in. (The pack of 10 is $8, so I give these as stocking stuffers to everyone that I know.)

Buy here: Sticky Credit Card Holder for Your Cell

Velocio Recon Vest

For the cycling woman who has everything, I’m a massive Velocio fan for their amazingly comfortable, flattering and downright practical kits (ahem, zipper bib shorts!). You can’t get enough of them. And I really love their Recon Vest—and it’s something most cyclists won’t have a million versions of already. This one is fabulous for riding, running, and errands around town, and it’s just so damn good-looking.

Buy here: Velocio Recon Vest

Books, Books, Books

Just a few of our current favorites for women:

Turkish Towels

These are my favorite multitasker, ever since my friend showed up at the lake with one, and I finally got two and am in love. It’s a fabulous cheap upgrade to your average towel in the car for post-ride or run. It’s basically a combo of a super soft blanket but ultra-absorbent towel-like qualities, so it’s the perfect beach towel or spare blanket, which makes it the ultimate car-camping accessory / a brilliant thing to have in your car (or in your house if you have frequent guests but not a large linen closet).

Icebreaker Carrigan Sweater Pants

Merino wool sweatpants? Heck yeah. A little elevated compared to normal sweatpants, but just as comfortable. Great if you’re looking for a gift for someone who trains outside and comes back to a chilly house, or for skiers, cold-weather hikers or people who are often driving to and from rides and runs. I just took these on a 4-day hiking trip and remain obsessed, a year after getting them. 

Get them here (They run a bit big compared to most cycling and running apparel, FYI)

icebreaker carrigan pants


North Face Booties

Have I put these on the gift guide in past years? Yes. Will I continue to do so? Also yes. These are kind of the perfect gift for someone who already has pretty much everything and is really picky about their outdoors gear. These booties are perfect for an active person who still wants to be cozy in slippers in the winter. I wear them around the house, walking the dog, post-run, post-race, post-ride, and on hiking trips at the campsite and I have never regretted this purchase.

Get them here (and in Canada)



Gift Certificate for a Favorite Brand or Service

Don’t try to guess at sizes for specific gear like cycling kit or shoes. Instead, consider just getting the woman in your life a gift certificate for a brand she loves, or the sports massage therapist she prefers. (Personalize it with a small thoughtful gift like her favorite in-ride snack, or stuff it in a pair of athletic socks to make it feel a bit more specific, but trust me, this will go over waaaay better than guessing at a preferred color, pattern or size.)


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