Your First Marathon: Luke Humphrey

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Training

Coach, Athlete and author Luke Humphrey from the Hansen’s-Brook Distance project and Hansen’s Coaching Services joins us today to talk about how to get into marathon running. Whether you are a new runner or experienced short distance runner this episode, and their book, will help you make the jump to distance running with less injury and better results.
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Why 16 miler?

 = frequency and weekly important
 = recovery to train again
 = very long

– What type of runner should be looking at a first marathon?

      – more people in sport, and new to running.

– How do you classify workouts?

   – Hansen philosophy
      => EASY vs. SOS (HARD) Running
      => EASY running is not hard(!) – time in feet .  1-1.5 – 2 slower than
        =>  run in range, not at limit
           – 12 x 400 or 8 x 600 or 3 x 1mile (3miles of work)
  b) later in plan
   strength wo => 10sec/mile faster than marathon (not 1/2marathon)
       – 3 x 2miles, 3-2-1 to get 6miles at pace
  c) TEMPO – Marathon pace 4-10 miles (could be 2 x 4 mile)
  d) Long run – both slow and SOS but long so take focus/difficult

Setting goals for first marathon

=hard without a PB/benchmark
=book has questions to tlook at self
= take 5k into calc -> try to beat ( tweak if good/struggle w. distance)
= Tempo workouts to prepare and gauge off workouts
= Want it to be positive
“Point of the plan is to get tired, but no so tired you get hurt”

– What about the other stuff ( strength, intervals, terrain, etc)

  = match course demands (hilly course)
 = strength as interested/needed
 = careful with speed wo on track

– Peaking / Specific phase before the big marathon race?

 = mileage pretty consistent (still 5 / week, slightly less vol/intensity)
 = don’t cut too much too soon
 = nutrition – watch matches decreased load (not as much as build week)
  = ok  to ‘carbo load’
 = 3miles or 30min whatever is less day before race

Get the Book – Hansons First Marathon Step Up to 26.2 the Hansons Way


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