Running, Walking + Cycling Safety

by | May 3, 2020 | Training

We’ve seen a lot of new walkers, runners and cyclists out and about lately, and while that’s great, there are a few rules of the road—that exist entirely for your own safety—that we’re noticing broken. So, here’s what you need to know…. And if you already know this stuff, take a second and share the infographic below with people who may not!

  • Run and walk opposing traffic, staying as close to the side of the road and away from cars as possible
  • Bike with the flow of traffic, give wide berth to walkers and runners
  • Inform people when you’re passing (Ex: Say ‘On your left’) and use caution when entering roadway to ensure that you give others space
  • Give people as much distance as possible when passing in either direction—move to the edge of the road or trail
  • Smile and say hello—we’re physical distancing, but can still be social!

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