Try The December Daily Grateful Run Streak Challenge This Season!

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Training

You might remember last year when we jumped into the December Daily Grateful Mile Run/Walk Streak challenge… well, it’s back again! One Grateful Mile challenges people to get out and run or walk one mile a day while contemplating what they’re grateful for. Talk about a simple, awesome holiday challenge! It’s simple, it’s a great one to do with family (even some of the days) and keeps you moving in a reasonable way over the holidays. As a rule, we don’t love Run Streaks since they tend to deprioritize recovery, but since this one is ONE mile and you can opt to walk, and it has major mental benefits, we are all in. The gratitude journal has been the ONLY journal that I’ve ever managed to keep rolling, and it’s a practice I really rely on every morning, so using this as a way to go even deeper on it at this time of year is just awesome.

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You can officially sign up (for free!) here to be a part of this Grateful Mile Run/Walk Streak in December, but you can also DIY your own version, of course. We just love the idea of daily movement paired with a gratitude practice.

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