3 Months of RPE-Based Training

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Training

Tired of dealing with data, or don’t own a heart rate monitor/power meter yet? You might want to try out this RPE (perceived exertion)-based plan. This plan is made to be SIMPLE to execute. Descriptions are short and leave you lots of room to interpret the terrain and bike you use, so whether you’re a mountain biker, gravel grinder or roadie, you’ll be able to add a bit of specificity to your training without feeling bogged down by numbers.

About this RPE-Based training plan:

  • The plan uses non-linear periodization, that is, it mixes different intensities to avoid staleness, boredom and even injury. This gives you a chance to improve on 2-3 workouts each block. Rather then focusing on only one intensity level per month you are working on several systems.
  • It would be a good plan to apply any time you have a good basic level of fitness (2+ months of general riding or ‘base’) and could be adapted to be a great preparation for many race types.
  • It has downloads that will work in Zwift/Garmin that are RPE Based (NOT POWER BASED) to allow you to focus on feeling the intensity based on the day. Certainly use power to gauge your progress week to week.
  • Core is a quick 10 min routine done 3-7x a week with a PDF download provided
  • $49 USD

(Weird schedule or specific goal? You may want a more customized plan. 3-Month 100% custom plans are only $99 and available here.)

Get the 3-month plan here


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