Training Plan of the Month: 3 Months of Off-Road Base

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Training

This month’s featured Consummate Athlete Training Plan is for off-road racers looking for 3 months of Base/General Prep Period. This plan is designed to get you fit and ready for discipline-specific off-road preparation. This plan is meant to preceded a ‘build’ or ‘specific preparation period’. It is typically performed 5 or more months out from your main event. (Ahem, How to Start Planning for Your New Year’s Goal Now!)

This is for Gravel, cyclocross, mountain bike athletes, and any athletes focused on off-road disciplines.

About this off-road base training plan:

  • Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road AND strength routines with Document for routine. You DO NOT need to use power or heart rate but using both and feeling will help you thrive through the base phase. Cross-training is encouraged to mix up your training and increase your fitness in this general period.
  • The plan is generally under 8 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule dictates
  • This plan builds your capacity for tempo/sweet spot while also working on skills like single-leg pedaling (and clipping in). Strength/Core/Mobility is addressed and progressed to help you arrive healthy for your specific cyclocross phase.
  • Workouts provide options for outdoors or indoors and some cross-training depending on your location.
  • $49 USD

(Weird schedule or specific goal? You may want a more customized plan. 3-Month 100% custom plans are only $99 and available here.)

Get the 3-month plan here

 MTB, Gravel, Cyclocross - General Preparation with Downloadable workouts + strength


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