Tips for Eating Healthy (and Ethically) on a Budget

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Nutrition

Over on Outside mag, I was super stoked to be talking all about the budget-friendly ways to eat healthy and ethically. I’m lucky that over the years, we’ve started doing a lot of these things, but the research was super fun and prompted a few changes (ahem, when we’re back from the next chunk of travel, I’m definitely growing some herbs inside!) / gave me a few reminders (the Dirty Dozen vs organic buying) / made me pretty psyched on things we’ve been doing (trading some of the half of a cow that we bought in bulk with our pork farming friends in exchange for sausage, trading a kombucha SCOBY for some fresh eggs, etc.). So, if you’re looking to improve your food quality all around, check out this article! (And yes, there are tips for a few different ways of ethical eating on a budget, from a vegan diet to one that takes into account environmental sustainability but includes meat.)

Click to read — Tips for Eating Healthy (and Ethically) on a Budget



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