Tiny Habits to for Athletes to Try in the New Year

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Training

In this episode, Molly and Peter discussed 9 habits, methods and mindsets to help boost your training in the New Year. Many are tiny actions that can be done once that will ‘rock slide’ into better results over time.

10 Habits to Boost Your Training in the New Year 

Here are our top habits—listen to the episode to learn more or click through to get specific tips and tricks for each!

  1. Eliminate choice when possible to keep training/life simple
  2. When you finish a ride/run, your gear gets cleaned
  3. Always be charging (read a post on our DIY charging station here)
  4. Check your training calendar ahead of time and clear space for workouts
  5. Have snacks on hand on workouts, on drives, in general
  6. Do the load of laundry
  7. Have a (healthy) morning routine
  8. Get smart about grocery shopping, including when and what (have a stock list)
  9. Engage in some self-reflection every day, including just commenting on your training

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