The Post-Workout Recovery You’re Not Doing

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Training

Over on Nylon, we decided it was time to start talking about not just how to get in an awesome workout, whether you’re into running, riding, yoga-ing, SUPing, CrossFit-ing (all topics I’ve written about for them)… We realized we needed to talk more about the post-workout recovery aspect. So many people I know who AREN’T pro racers (myself included in this!) have this notion that when a workout is over, you’re done for the day. Especially when you’re not a pro racer and frankly, you’re a freaking busy person. But most post-workout recovery can be done pretty quickly, or at least, can be done while binge-watching a show on Netflix after the workout is over. I know most of this will be obvious to a lot of you who follow along with this blog, but honestly, writing it was a great refresher for me and a good reminder that just because I know something is good for me, I’m not always actually taking the time to make it happen. So, get educated, or re-educated!

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