So You’re Going Long (on a Ride or Run)

by | May 26, 2021 | Training

If you’re preparing for a long run or long ride, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few articles that we’ve written over the years that will help you figure out how to pack, what you need to know before you go, and how to get through the day.

We’ll start with a few of our favorite general tips for going long:

  1. Write out a gear list and a schedule for the day (including things like bedtime the night before, drive time to the start if that’s a factor, plan for post-run or ride)
  2. Lay out all of your gear before packing it into pockets, vests, handlebar bags, etc.
  3. Have an emergency plan, especially if this is a solo non-race endeavor. That means sharing location on Find My Friends with someone, discussing emergency pickup with a partner or friend, etc. (It could also mean having a shortcut planned in case things get hairy)
  4. Mentally prepare—what are you hoping to accomplish on this adventure? (Sometimes it helps to have a list of things to think about in case boredom sets in)
  5. Have fun and celebrate every part of it… this is why you train!

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