Seven Safety Tips For Working Out Alone

by | Mar 11, 2018 | Training

I hate that I need to think about staying safe when heading out on solo runs, but it is something that all of us (especially women) have to deal with. So, when Nylon wanted me to pull together some safety tips for working out alone, I was happy to a) be able to spread some good advice and b) psyched to reach out to some really smart people to get that advice for myself.

Some key points? Turns out SING isn’t 100 percent accurate—so ignore everything that Miss Congeniality taught you, especially when you’re wearing sneakers, not spike heels. But really, it’s all about awareness and staying out of potentially dangerous situations. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel comfortable on our runs, or stay in the gym—it just means being smart about where and when we choose to head out for solo sweat sessions, and making sure we’re being as aware as possible when we are on them. (Sadly, that means turning off your music—at least in one ear, but preferably both.)

Anyway, writing this made me think about how I run, and made me more aware of my surroundings (and made me think/mentally gameplay what I would do in a sketchy situation). If you often do your workouts by yourself, give it a quick read!

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