Saddle, Sore – New Book tackles tough issues

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Training

Above is a link to the newsletter I wrote on Molly Hurford‘s new book “Saddle, Sore”. It is a short, concise and practical look at the issues females face when trying to ride bikes. I believe most males will benefit from reading this as several topics (hygiene, dealing with saddle sores, bike fit, mechanics, skills & coaches ) will be beneficial.

Topics range from skills, mechanics and, of course, saddle sores.Other less easy to talk about issues such as Yeast Infections, periods, and Urinary Track Infections. I am featured at several points in the book. I was honored to be included as an ‘expert’ but my hope is that this opportunity provides me with much more opportunity to learn from a more open dialogue with my clients.

I loved the inclusion of ‘communication with a coach’ sections. The topics in the book, such as discomfort on the bike, and infections,  are so important because they can greatly affect performance . Let’s start talking about this openly. (that is your invitation!) I have already had many clients, male and female, reach out and we are not troubleshooting how to improve comfort, performance and health. So exciting!

Any questions about the book throw a tweet at Molly or Myself 



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