Indoor Base Training Plan

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Training

This month’s featured plan is our 3 months of Indoor-specific Base/General Prep Period training to get you fit and ready for discipline-specific off-road preparation with limited time spent training. Weeks range from 4 hours up to 7.5hrs with options to extend and reduce volume. This plan has been optimized for trainer use, meaning hours will be slightly shorter and you’ll do some cross-training versus a traditional base training plan that pushes big hours on the bike.

12 Weeks of Indoor Base Training delivered instantly in Training Peaks for $39

Because it’s optimized for indoors, this plan builds your capacity for tempo/sweet spot while also working on skills like single-leg pedaling (and clipping in). It uses short workouts, mostly under an hour and 2-3 strength/core per week to help optimize power, body composition and strength. On bike, time is focused on coordination and intensity

You can use Power (via description and/or downloads) and/or Heart rate (using the description)

As relevant Bike workouts in this plan includes a DOWNLOADABLE WORKOUT FOR ZWIFT / TRAINER ROAD / GARMIN ETC, A few workouts are so simple that no download is provided (e.g. 30min recovery)

Strength/Core/Mobility is addressed and progressed to help you arrive healthy for your events. PDF Downloads and directions are included in this plan. 2 different routines are used for this 12 week plan

Workouts provide options for outdoors or indoors and some cross-training depending on your location.

This plan is best applied 3-8 months ahead of your competition season to allow 3+ months of specific/Build phase for your specific event.

Have a big goal coming up in 2023? If you have a very specific race calendar or focus, a 3 Month Made For You Training Plan might be better for you.

12 Weeks of Indoor Base Training delivered instantly in Training Peaks for $39



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