How Road Cyclist Tayler Wiles Fuels Her Rides

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Nutrition

I remember interviewing Tayler Wiles back when I was writing Fuel Your Ride and loving how she refused to eat gels or ‘fake’ ride foods on the bike, even in most races. So, it was even cooler to interview her again four years later and hear that she hasn’t deviated from her whole-foods-focused diet. It’s always great talking to a pro who’s serious about her diet, but isn’t afraid to eat enough—instead of counting calories or macros, she just eats real food. If you’re wondering what pros actually eat like or looking for some healthy inspiration, she’s definitely a great roll model!

Read it on Bicycling: Road Cyclist Tayler Wiles Fuels Her Rides With Cookies and Real Foods

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