3 Month Base Period for Off-Road Racers

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Training

This plan is a Base or ‘General Preparation’ plan. It is meant to help you gradually accumulate general fitness for offroad cycling disciplines. This plan is meant to precede a ‘build’ or ‘specific preparation period’. It is typically performed 4+ months out from your main event but may be used closer for endurance oriented events or for athletes lacking general fitness.

This plan builds your capacity for tempo/sweet spot while also working on skills like single-leg pedaling (and clipping in). Strength/Core/Mobility is addressed and progressed to help you arrive healthy for your specific preparation period specific to your goal discipline (i.e. Cyclocross or MTB or Gravel)

Is This Plan For You?

This is for Gravel, cyclocross, or mountain bike athletes. Those athletes focused on off-road disciplines.

The plan ranges between 4 and 11 hours but provides guidance and ranges to extend the longest weeks up to 15+ hours if you have the time and experience.

What Does It Include?

Because it is a general preparation phase you are encouraged to cross-train and to perform focused strength training. PDF’s are included for strength training routines.

Structured Workout Downloads *by Power/%FTP* are included for most bike workouts ( for Garmin / Zwift Etc ). Some workouts do not have download to keep thing simple and provide freedom from focus and devices! (e.g. ride endurance for 3 hours). The first 2 months include for more indoor oriented workouts but all can be done outside.

You can use this plan by HR, Power or RPE (no device) – you do not need to use downloads. The title and description of each workout should allow for completion of the key elements of the workout.

  • The plan is 6-16 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule, fitness and goals dictate
  • Get the plan here
  • $49



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